Tolla Inbar

Tolla Inbar was born in Germany in 1958. She attended the Merz school in Stuttgart until 1971, specializing in the Arts of ceramics and sculpture.

Between 1977 and 1984 she studied at Bustan Institute and at Avni Institute of Arts, where she worked in stone and wood with well-known Russian sculptors.

After these years of experiences and experiments of different materials, her style has evolved from realistic and figurative to more expressive and semi-abstract.

Since 1995 she has developed her style into a unique and naturalistic one, combining wood, metal and bronze with different materials that enable her to reach the rope sculpture's idea. Tolla's conviction is that our world is mostly composed of light and energy, so that theoretically the victory of energy (spirit) over matter is only a question of time. This sense of movement, which reflects tension and balance, is present in her works.

Toola Considered as one of the top Israeli artist working today.

Tolla's innovative works can be found in numerous private collections in Germany, France, Israel -at Expressions Art Gallery exclusively- and the United States.

Tolla Inbar Circle of Life
90x90cm / 35x35in"

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