Shlomi Nissim

Shlomi Nisim was born in Israel on 1972, as a child he used to wander in the outdoors : "I Shlomi
with my binoculars on ,looking for birds of prey, dreaming to be a National
Geographic photographer". When he was 13 years old and his family won in a
raffle he got bicycles, His parents sold it and got him a camera ! it was his first
one, The CANON AE-1 PROGRAM !!!
Since then his passion for photography is
growing as the years pass by. Shlomi is fascinated by powerful shoots that are
surrounding us, the ones that touche our feelings and make us vibrate on the first
impression : I'm excited to be part of this amazing site and this great world great world

Shlomi Nissim Little Red riding Hood II
Edition of 5

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