Ruth Bloch

Ruth Bloch was born in Israel in 1951. Her father, a musician and her mother, an artist, both escaped the Holocaust in Europe. Ruth grew up in a kibbutz where the community cared for the children and everyone worked to survive and build the very young nation. Ruth lost her mother giving birth to her brother when she was only nine years old.

She was an artist and left all her tools. I picked them up and I know that sounds symbolic but I felt I had to take care of my brother, my father and art.

Reaching adulthood Ruth attended the Avny Art Institute in Tel Aviv as an avid painter. When she showed her professors what she had already accomplished as a sculptor they encouraged her not to take courses from them. They, and she, felt that Ruth had already developed her own style and that she should go her own way.

Since then, Ruth Bloch's career has drastically evolved as one of the main Israeli artists since her works are currenly exhibited all over the world (USA, france, England, Israel at Expressions Art Gallery...)

Ruth Bloch Entanglement
H: 66cm / 26in"

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