Born 83, Ukraine, USSR
Klone moved to Israel when he was 11. But beforehand, most impressions from childhood are snow , adventures and endless lines in shops. At the age of 17 stumbling upon the phenomena called "graffiti", as the Israeli graffiti scene does not exist at that time the introduction was done through magazines and movies and further internet , the year is 98-99 , first try on the street leads to a heavy interest and future addiction , since the first time the preferable surface is wall or metal , doesn't matter as long as its outside . At the age of 21 with the release from army, after 3 years of thinking and the local graffiti scene still in its diapers , not having enough interaction and competition on the Israeli street comes the decision to look for a more communicative art , switching to simple images used in stickers/posters/installations and wall murals I discover the public reaction , it's something new and fresh not seen before on Tell Aviv streets , that's where the developing truth begins . .
I try to handle different issues that probably bother most of us at some point in our everyday life , most of us solve it with absorbing what the media tells us and sink onto the chair in front of TV , I just paint it , not explaining it , everyone may see something else . My recent work deals with TEETH and the human ability to be a predator by showing them and biting his surroundings, we're the biggest predators, we're klones, some of us are klones with teeth. That's simple , the bigger and sharper your teeth are the higher your chance to survive amongst other predators and klones around you .
For the last 3 years exhibited in group shows at USA , UK , Europe and of course Israel , curetted 2 group shows and had two solo shows in Tel-Aviv on various underground locations .
Prefer working big and in color, no formal education, all self taught : metal worker , printer , sculptor but first of all - Painter . Spending as much time and efforts as possible working in the streets, Klone distinguishes himself in the most influencial street art Israeli artists.

Klone 1
H:150xW:195 cm / H:59x W:76.8 in"

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