Ina Pesenka

Ina Pesenka is a complete artist for she is a painter (She says she's always painted as far as she remembers) but also a writer and an illustrator.

Ina was born in 1968 in Lugansk (Ukraine) and studied at the Lugansk art college (1983-1987) and the Ukrainian  Accademy of Polygraphy (1989-1995).

For several years, she sketched and illustrated books and specialised in etching and painting, often in the form ex-libris, as well as illustration; she also works in the field of artistic and children book.

Meanwhile, Ina participated at many exhibitions in Israel , Europe and Japan .

In 1996 she decided to settle in Israel and worked as an illustrator there.

Her collection called "Israel, years of creation" was elaborated as an answer to the question  raised during the 'intifada' about the jewish people relevance to live in Israel. This collection consists of paintings representing the jewish' every day life at the time when the state was being built. In order to achieve this project, Ina used many documents (such as texts and phototographies) coming from the museum 'Haapala" and from the galleries 'Aba Houshit" and Hacarmel...

Ina Pesenka was besides awarded with the prize and the Haifa

Expressions Art Gallery works closely with Ina who numbers among new leading Israeli artists

Ina Pesenka New York in the winter

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